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Mildred Murray

Mildred Murray with Francesca Terrano ’09 (right) and Jennifer Thai ’08, scholarship recipients of the Mildred Murray Scholarship Fund.

In 1999, Mildred Murray, a longtime friend of Towson University, established an endowed scholarship in her name. The Mildred Murray Scholarship Fund provides support to students studying in the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Health Professions. Additionally, Mrs. Murray has created an estate gift that will one day build the endowment to benefit the next generation of students.

When asked why she included Towson University among the institutions she chooses to support, she replied, "I worked with many teachers and coaches who were Towson University graduates and the late Dr. Corinne Bize, who retired from Towson in 1976. Because of my positive experiences with people from Towson, I want to support Towson University."