Professor Is Passionate About Impacting Students in the Future

Dr. James Anthony

Dr. James M. Anthony gives back to Towson University through a planned gift.

Dr. James M. Anthony, professor of music history and literature, is passionate about supporting students and giving back to the college that gave him his start more than 40 years ago.

“I was so fortunate to join the Towson faculty right out of graduate school in 1971,” recalls Dr. Anthony. “It was a tremendous opportunity for me personally and a remarkable time of growth and expansion for the music department.”

A little more than a decade after he came to Towson University, the art, dance, mass communications, music and theatre departments evolved into the College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Dr. Anthony says he was actually inspired by the Ruth and Arno Drucker Performance Fund, which supports vocal performance. “I wanted to provide a similar academic experience for our students in music history,” says Dr. Anthony. He established the James Muse Anthony Music History Fund.

Utilizing a planned gift, Dr. Anthony created an endowment that will be fully funded through his will. “While I don’t have the ability to complete the entire endowment now, my planned gift allows me to know that one day this fund will continue to inspire and support students,” says Dr. Anthony. “That is reassuring.”

Through Dr. Anthony’s fund, the music department will be able to bring a diverse group of guest scholars onto campus: lecturers and performance artists to enrich the student experience.

“It’s important to give back,” says Dr. Anthony, “and to leave something that could continue well beyond me, in perpetuity.”

Dr. Anthony has taught more than 21 courses in the music department at Towson University. He says teaching still brings him great joy. He currently teaches a freshman seminar.

Get to Know Your Options

Like Dr. Anthony, you, too, can inspire and support Towson University students. Simply contact the Office of Development at 410-704-6287 or to learn more about the giving options available to you.