Meet Our Donors

Gerhard VonHauenschild

Gerhard VonHauenschild, Ph.D.
World Traveler and TU Alum Makes Bequest for Biology

Eddie Loh

Eddie Loh, Ph.D.
Largest-Ever Planned Gift From a Faculty Member

Jacqueline and Eric Gratz

Jacqueline L. and Eric Gratz
An Endowment for Lifelong Learning

Peggy Anne Royston

Peggy Anne Royston '58
Making a Difference for Future Educators

Mary Daniels Taylor

Mary Daniels Taylor
Memorial Gift Impacts Generations of Children

Mildred Murray

Mildred Murray
Trailblazer's Legacy Continues

Donald D. and Margaret M. Cooper

Donald D. and Margaret M. Cooper
Enabling Towson Students to Inspire Young Citizens

Richard Vatz

Richard Vatz
Towson Professor Encourages Support for TU's Future

Howard and Lois Wright

Howard Wright and Lois Becker Wright ’65/77
Providing for Future Elementary Educators

Allan Starkey

Allan Starkey ’64
A Grateful Teacher Pays It Forward

Priscilla Slavin

Priscilla Slavin ’69
Honoring a Memory, Supporting Future Scientists

John Richardson

John Richardson ’88
A Chemical—and Charitable—Equation for Success

Dr. Richard Gillespie and Dr. Maravene Loeschke

Dr. Richard Gillespie and Dr. Maravene Loeschke ’69/’71
“Towson Is at the Center of Our Lives”

Keith Ewancio

Keith Ewancio ’94/’07
Alumnus Pays It Forward

Judith and Louis Kistner

Judith ’65 and Louis H. Kistner
Legacy Gift to Support Students

James Smith

James Smith
Tower Light member James Smith

Dr. James Anthony

Professor James Anthony
Dr. James M. Anthony gives back to Towson University through a planned gift

Lyn and Don Brock

Lyn ’81 and Don Brock
Painting a Picture for Student Success

Dr. Paula Franklin

Dr. Paula Franklin ’03
Others Have Helped Me Get to Where I Am Today, Now It’s Time to Return the Favor

Christine and Joe Tischer

Christine and Joe Tischer
Generous Couple Provide Support for Future Generations

Cindi and Denny Mather

Cindi and Denny Mather ’72
Longtime Supporters Denny Mather and Wife Cindi Make Planned Gift to Support Student Athletes